what: architectural design of new facilities, total urban plan and landscape design in the neighborhood of Aleixo.
with: Jole De Donno, Pietro Rampinini, Giulia De Negri, Jiani Huang, Benoit Legendre and Malin D. Borger
specs: 12 000 sqm. built area with hotel, housing, social and activity facilities + adhering urban plan
where: Neighborhood of Aleixo in Porto, Portugal.
Aleixo is a neighborhood of Porto facing vast social challenges. From functionalist ideals, social housing was erected in this patch of green area, by the Rio Douro. Today's challenges are traced back to the 70's, where five residential towers were squatted before completion. As a consequence of bad planning, social problems continued to escalate while today, the green environment function as a hideout for the worst drug and criminal scene in the city. With this in mind, the importance of what gives people joy and meaning, manifested itself in our project. How could the project be a catalyst for reconnection to the river and the rest of the city. How could the area itself be a river of renewed life – Rio Aleixo.
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