Identity Aesthetics: Approaching an Aesthetic Relativism of our Built Enviornment 
Scientific essay, 2020
Seeing that the world is becoming increasingly globalized and cities and its regions increasingly centralized, how does the concept of identity, and differences thereof, affect our personal and collective aesthetic preferences and how could these considerations be implemented to substantiate architecture's quest to create aesthetically pleasing environments?

Words or shapes: Inertia and Momentum in Architectural Theory and Practices
Essay, 2018
How does narratives add value to architecture? Do we vouch for sub-par aesthetics for the sake of completing a story? Though psychology, philosophy and neuroscience regarding the human mind and perception, has provided significant evidence for visual imagination, architecture seems caught in a state of inertia where visual aspects are often found overlooked. In this paper I draw on the arguments that emerged in the debates between formalist and conceptualist positions in the final decades of the twentieth century to explore which discussions are still relevant today. 
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