what: residential complex and urban design
with: Sander Koland
specs: 4000 sqm. residential complex with adherent urban design
where: intersection Strandveien/Innherredsveien, Trondheim
As regions across the world get more and more centralized, increased density introduces universal challenges in unique situations. Good housing is threatened by an ever increasing complexity of our urban environments. Here, we as architects are challenged in providing life quality through the buildings we design.
Living centrally in urban environments is for many people, in itself, associated with greater life quality. Proximity to workplace, commodities and other people, are some of the personal perks of living in a city. But what qualities are at the same time lost, and what cons should one be able to do without? Strandveiparken Urban Housing wishes to examine and answer questions related to housing in urban environments. This is done through site specific housing design and a thorough analysis of the corner plot between Innherredsveien and Strandveien in Trondheim.
Until today, the car has dictated many of the major changes that have been made onto this important hub. The long gone newspaper kiosk has turned into a roundabout, and the urban structures have dissolved for the benefit of effective traffic solutions. How could road become street again – and particularly – a nice place to live?​​​​​​​

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