what: new faculty building for architecture and design studies at NTNU
with: Anders Holme Qvist and Sander Koland
specs: 25 000 sqm. of ateliers, workshops, library, offices and canteen
where: Campus Gløshaugen at NTNU in Trondheim.
The new AD-faculty was a project assignment given in the 6th semester, revolving around complex buildings. The task issued was to fit 25 000 sqm. of complex program in a new structure at the already well established campus of Gløshaugen. The program derived from the newly established faculty, combining architecture, design and art studies. Work aimed to create a new physical structure that could best meet the needs of the specific study programmes. We named our proposal "Handlingsrom", which means "room to act". Though the structural result of our unifying building almost seems pragmatic, it aims merely to provide a room to act. The generic construction leaves everything up to the imagination, of which the students are in no lack of. Not only is the grid and the structural simplicity a tool to secure flexibility for generations to come, but even more so to ensure that every generation will have the freedom to make the spaces their own.
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